Smart Assembly and Joining Technology

˃ Heli-Coil® and Thread Inserts
˃ Bolts, Screws, Nuts
˃ Clinching Nuts and Studs
˃ Blind Rivets and Rivet Nuts

Smart Torque Tools and Assembly Solutions

Great ideas accelerate innovation. We always team up with our customers to turn industrial ideas into smart manufacturing assembly solutions and innovative smart torque tools. Our passionate people, expertise and service bring sustainable value to industries everywhere.


  • Smart transducerized high precision torque & angle control tightening system for industry 4.0
  • High-resolution encoder technology enables precise and strict control of screw tightening angle
  • < 1% tolerance torque transducer, allows all fasteners to reach target torque with exceptional precision
  • User friendly UI design with 10”color LCD touch screen
  • Save up to 99 jobs in normal mode and 70 jobs in advanced mode
  • Beginner-friendly downshift and threshold settings in normal mode
  • 8 available rundown steps to customize your screw rundown process
  • Real-time torque & angle control + rundown monitor to achieve in-process tightening control & 0 defect assembly line
  • Real-time data collection & rundown down graph
  • Save up to 1 million tightening data
  • Programmable 9 input & 9 output I/O
  • Communication RS232*1 & Ethernet*1
  • Protocol: Modbus & MYTORQ open protocol
  • Transfer controller settings via FTP/USB
  • Compact and ergonomic design for long time operation without hand fatigue
  • Rubberized grip provides a non-slip surface to secure hold, absorbs shock and vibration

MYTORQ® Smart Torque Tools

SKYVERSE® Joining and Assembly Software

Full Traceability

  • Real Time Results and Curve Collection
  • Real Time Tightening Errors
  • Data Storage in Server Architecture
  • SQL, Oracle, MES, SAP, Cellfusion, Outsystem compatibility
  • Automatic upload of missing data from controller
  • Alarms in case of disconnection
  • Curve overlay


  • Administrator User
  • Customized Views and Filters
  • Groups and Teams Management
  • Complete Plant Layout Definition
  • Smart Identifier Filtering
  • Quick VIN Result Filtering

Open Protocol Adapter License

  • Collect results from any device with Open Protocol Compatibility

Statistical Analysis

  • Advanced OK / NOK reports and control charts
  • Advanced NOK pareto analysis
  • Cm/Cmk analysis (ISO, CNOMO, NF)
  • Error Code Analysis & Smart Torque Controller User info pareto diagram
  • Team Productivity Reports

Report Printing

  • Export all results and curves directly from the interface
  • Export to PDF, CSV or TXT format
  • Direct Printing from the interface
  • Birth certificate reports based on barcode scanning
  • SkyVerse Assembly Process reports in PDF or XLS format

Notifier License

  • Send customized mails and notifications based on specific SkyVerse events


SKYLOG® Automatic HeliCoil Installation Machine.

Our range includes modules for integration into automatic processes and complete systems.

Going for HeliCoil robotic assembly?
Asia’s No 1. robotic installation for HeliCoil Inserts

SKYLOG’s Robotic Assembly Eco-system provides users for connecting with robotic controller to reduce the human error / labor cost. Cost – effective is just as important as high quality standard.

SKYLOG® – Bollhoff Rivet and Clinching Automation

Automated / Robotic Riveting Technology
Automated / Robotic Clinching Technology

Creativity and Innovative

SKYLOG® Success Stories

Here are the basis share success of good collaboration with our customer

Parts Supply for Thailand
HeliCoil for Semiconductor Equipment

HeliCoil for Power Control Components

HeliCoil Robotic Installation
HeliCoil for Chamber 1
HeliCoil for Chamber 2
HeliCoil for Non Standard Standoff
HeliCoil for Bracket
HeliCoil for Jigs and Structures

HeliCoil Twinsert

Rapid KL Bus Seat Belt

Circuit Board Assembly

Aerospace Component 1
Aerospace Component 2
Hi-Lok Assembly – Boeing 737 Max Wing Panel
Temporary Fastener for Boeing Wing Panel
ADU Drilling

Rolls Royce Turbine

External Louvres Assembly

Control Panel Assembly

HeliCoil for Dell
HeliCoil for Hua Wei