As an expert in industry, innovating new fastening solutions is at the core of what we do.

For any application challenge you have, SKYLOG® custom-engineered solutions are available.
Our team of engineers works with you to design and develop the right fastener for the results you need – whether a modified catalog part or a fully custom solution.

Customized to satisfy customer’s specification and requirements

We consider the materials, manufacturing processes, unlimited range and surface finishes required to offer you the best solution for your application from both a technical and cost perspective. Quality is our top priority.

Certificate from SKYLOG® – Fasteners, Threaded Inserts and Assembly Parts

Certificates always include a traceable heat or lot number, and typically chemical or physical properties. They are provided at no additional cost. Certificates are attach and ship together with orders as soon as your order ships.


  • Certificate also known as material certificates, mill test reports, certified test reports, and material test reports.

SKYLOG® Custom Made Services

  • Manufacturing processes: turning, CNC milling, cold-forming, hot-forming, punching and combined punching and bending, pressing
  • Materials: stainless steel 300 / 400 series, nitronic stainless steel, rust and acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant materials, nickel, titanium, bronze, copper, brass, aluminium alloys, plastic, special materials
  • Surface treatments: hardening, galvanising, nickel‑plating, chrome‑plating, bronzing, burnishing, phosphating, anodising, zinc‑coating, organic coating, powder coating, seal coating, locking coating, adhesive coating, chromium(VI)‑free coating, friction value adjustments
  • Repairs / reworking: grinding, milling, honing, lapping, cutting threads, rolling threads, barrel finishing, sandblasting, hardening, heat treating, mounting, pressing

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