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Smart Torque Assembly Features and Error Proofing

SkyVerse® Smart Torque HMi is a data collection platform used to collect tightening data from Transducerized Tightening Tools and Smart Torque Controllers in real time, store their tooling results inside of a centralised database and allow users to create powerful reports based on this data. By analysing this data, users can make complex and in-depth analysis of their production process. Users are able to be both reactive and proactive in ensuring the quality of every fastening.

And now We had the arm, and we have the eyes too

With SkyVerse® Software, you can easily connect to visualized camera device / collaborative robots / servo motors / conveyors / RFID scanner / barcode scanner / motion tracker devices and more ! All in one platform.

Simple Cap

SkyVerse® Systems allows an USB camera to give object detection and comparison features to any collaborative robots. These two operations constitute the building blocks that can help your cobot to create checkpoints for:

  • Presence or absence
  • Position
  • Shape
  • Interference
  • Unidentified elements

You can create programs that can use a checkpoint to validate if a condition is true or false.

Object Detection

SkyVerse® Systems allows you to teach the robot by recording the specified object and differentiating it from the background; then you can use this information to validate the following:

  • Is this the object I am looking for?
  • Does it have the right size and shape?
  • Is it in the right position?
  • Is this located within my region of interest?

Image Comparison

You can record what is a “good” image on a checkpoint and use that as a reference for the program for comparison. By using If..else statements in the program, you can extend it to multiple images and decisions.

  • Check if a surface, table, or tray are clean from other objects before an action.
  • Search for spots or errors in finishing processes.
  • Validate if something is in the way of the robot’s path.

Autonomous Dual Arm Screwdriver

SkyVerse® System able to signal the cobot with visualized camera and validates shape of the tray to pickup the object and verify hole presence so the automatic screwdriver can do it’s job without issues like a missing tray, incorrect pickup or try to insert the screw in a missing hole.

Automatic Sequence Selection

Detects the shape to run a specific program sequence that pick and place the part correctly to dispense adhesive along the shape of an object, then validates the correct application to return the object in it’s respective tray position.

SkyVerse® System allows cobot to detect a missing tray or an object who doesn’t fits in the program.

Defect Inspection

In the industry, the SkyVerse® System’s quality control can be automated by programming a sequence that picks and place the recently manufactured parts to compare them with a golden part; to search the correct product, and percentage of quality of each part


Reliable Partner for Factory of Future

Centralized / Server database with back up feature

All database data is automatically backed up and maintained for 15 days.
Backups are done with no downtime and a minimum impact.
Customer is able to recover all application source versions, all configurations and application runtime data.


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  • Real Time Data Traceability
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  • Make your life easier and peace of mind