Self Tapping Threaded Insert

  • For Stainless Steel and Aluminium Material
  • For Thermoplastic Material
  • For Wood Material

Keylocking Threaded Insert

  • Locking keys to hold in place
  • For metal applications
  • Not recommended for cast iron or brittle material

No-Tang® Wire Thread Inserts

  • Tangfree®/No-Tang®
  • Wire Thread Insert which is tangless and does not have to be broken off or removed after the installation.

Screwlocking Wire Thread Insert

  • Standard Type (With Tanged)
  • No-Tang Type (Tangless/Tangfree)
  • Serve as a locking device by gripping the threads of the installed screw

Brass Threaded Insert for Thermoplastic

  • Ultrasonic / Heat Staking Type
  • Press In Type
  • Self Tapping Type
  • Injection Molded In Type

Heli-Coil Wire Thread Insert Electrical Tool

  • Electronic Power Tool where electric power preferred over air. The slender configuration of the mandrels allows them to reach into constricted areas.
  • Automatic change-over of the direction.

Aerospace Components

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Aircraft Body Drilling

Boeing 737 Max Wing Panel

Boeing 777 Panel

Control Panel Assembly

Dell Laptop Thread Reinforcement

External Louvres Assembly

HuaWei Thread Reinforcement

Rapid KL Bus Seats

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