Assembly and Joining Parts

Standard Stainless Steel HeliCoil®

Screw Locking HeliCoil®

Phosphor Bronze HeliCoil®

SMART HeliCoil®

Dry Film Lubricant HeliCoil®

Silver Plating HeliCoil®

Inconel X750 HeliCoil®

Nitronic60 HeliCoil®

Tangless HeliCoil®

SUS 302 Self-Tapping Thread Insert

Flange Head SUS 302H Self-Tapping Thread Insert

302 Carbon Steel Self-Tapping Thread Insert

SUS 307308 Self-Tapping Thread Insert

Keensert Miniature

Keensert Lightweight

Keensert Heavy Duty

Keensert Extra Heavy Duty

Non-Locking Keysert

Black Phosphate Keysert

Locking Keysert

Self Clinching Nut

Flush Head Self Clinching Nut

Self Locking Clinching Nut

Floating Self Clinching Nut

Floating Self Clinching Nut with Locking

Miniature Self Clinching Nut

Flush Head Self Clinching Stud

High Stength Stud

B Series Blind Fastener

Blind Hole Standoffs Stud

Through Hole Standoffs Stud

Concealed Head Standoffs Stud

Keyhole Self Clinching Standoffs

Snap Top Standoffs

Dowel Pin

Temporary Fasteners

Blind Rivet Nut Knurled Type

Blind Rivet Nut Full-Hex Type

Blind Rivet Plain Body Type

Blind Rivet Nut Countersunk Type

Blind Rivet Nut Flat Head Type

Blind Rivet Nut Closed End Type

Blind Rivet Nut Semi-Hex Type

Blind Rivet Nut Thin Head Type

Blind Rivet Stud Semi-Hex Type

Blind Rivet Stud Knurled Type

Thread Repair Kit and Accessories

Thread Repair Eco Kit

Kennedy Thread Repair Kit

HeliCoil Thread Repair Kit

HeliCoil Mega Thread Repair Kit

SkyCoil Mega Thread Repair Kit

SkyCoil Insert Refill Kit

HeliCoil Straight Flute Tap

HeliCoil Spiral Point Tap

HeliCoil Spiral Fluted Tap

HeliCoil Thread Gauge

HeliCoil Removal Tool

Threaded Insert Installation Tool

HeliCoil® Manual Installation Mandrel

Heli-Coil® Tangless Manual Installation Tool

HELICOIL®Manual Prewinder Insertion Tool

HELICOIL®Manual Tangless Prewinder Insertion Tool

HELICOIL® Plus Electric Mandrel

HELICOIL® Plus Electric Tangless Mandrel

Self Tapping Insert Installation Tool

Keysert Installation Tool

HeliCoil Electric Tool

HeliCoil Electric Tool with Controller

HeliCoil Pneumatic Prewinder Tool

HeliCoil Installation Tool Arm

Self Tapping Insert Installation Tool Arm

Assembly Tools and Systems

Customized Assembly Solution

Single Spindle

Multi Spindle

Vacuum Based Spindle

Automatic Screwdriver with Cobot

Automatic Single Drive Screwdriver

Automatic Double Drive Screwdriver

Electric Screwdriver with Torque Arm

Work Station Design

Lifting and Handling

Automatic Single Drive Screwdriver

Custom Crowfoot Design

Automatic Screw Bit Changer Module

Smart Torque Controller for Assembly Line

Smart Torque Controller

PLC Programming

AI System and Automation

Cobot Assembly System

Robotic Welding Machine

SkyVerse System

Visual and Motion Control System

Self Clinching Assembly

Self Clinching Machine

Self Clinching Battery Tool

Pneumatic Rivet Tools





Pneumatic Riveter

Pneumatic Blind Rivet Tool

Alligator Yoke Rivet Squeezer

C-Yoke Rivet Squeezer

Air and Power Tools

Smart Torque Electric Screwdriver

Pneumatic Shut-Off Screwdriver

Pneumatic Angle Head Nutrunner

Pneumatic Ratchet

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Pneumatic Die Grinder

Electric Angle Grinder

Battery Pistol Drill

Pneumatic Pistol Drill

Mini Bench Drill Machine