Keenserts® Inserts and Studs

Keenserts® Inserts and Studs are designed to provide high resistance to torque-out and pull-out loads. Pre-assembled keys are driven down through the threads of the parent material to mechanically lock the fasteners into place. The inserts are available with free-running threads or with various types of locking features, including crimp threads, Vespel™ insert and beam lock. The studs provide a nut-end thread designed to transfer high axial loads into ductile base materials. The stud or keyed end is installed into the parent material, eliminating the need for removing or replacing a bolt.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used in virtually any material including aluminum, cast iron, steel, & plastics
  • Positive mechanical lock against rotation
  • High strength and flexibility provides maximum pull out strength
  • Easy installation and removal, can be installed using standard drills and taps.
    However, Keensert installation kits are also available if needed
  • No prewinder tool required
  • Impossible to cross-thread during installation
  • No tang break off needed

Insert Types

  • Miniature
  • Lightweight (Thinwall)
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Heavy Duty