Electric World

Our forward-looking, integrated expertise allows us to custom design optimum precision-engineered solutions for a future that is increasingly electric. SKYLOG® has a unique combination of assets and insights to help industry leaders and engineers drive innovation in automotive, recreational product, electric mobility, and energy storage applications.

Electrification & Energy Innovations

Rapid, clean, repeatable & safe assembly technologies are the need of the hour with the growth of electrification. SKYLOG® offers a comprehensive range of joining solutions and innovations to fulfill the needs of the electrification market.

Energy Storage

SKYLOG® offers solutions for solar and renewable energy storage requirements. From battery module assembly to solar panel fixation, we offer critical fastening solutions and installation equipment for quick, reliable and safe assembly.

Our Expertise

SKYLOG® is a unique and trusted design partner for the world’s largest and most innovative creators.
Our longstanding expertise across multiple industry segments brings nearly a century worth of valuable knowledge, products and collaboration experience to empower our customers to accelerate towards an electric future.

Our Solutions

SKYLOG® is a comprehensive solutions provider that can help you take your electrification project from design to production – with assembly solutions and innovations at each step along the way.
With a wide-ranging portfolio of brands and products, we can help reduce your manufacturing complexities and provide more streamlined, custom single-supplier solutions.