HeliCoil Thread Inserts create

load-bearing joints

Thread reinforcement and thread repair are terms that are inseparably connected with HeliCoil.
Use HeliCoil wherever low shear strength materials – such as aluminium or aluminium-magnesium alloys – are used.

In these applications HeliCoil Thread Inserts generate heat-resistant, wear-resistant and high-strength thread of the highest precision. No internal thread wear, even with frequent use.

Transducerized Assembly Tightening Tools

SMART torque with transducer

MICRO torque version

CONNECT - controller and full data traceability

EFFICEINT - maximum flexibility

COST reducing

Error proofing and seating detection

User friendly and durable lifetime

Smart Digital Assembly Experience

Embedded wireless data transmission and RFID scanner in 1 tool

SkyVerse Assembly Software and Eco-Systems

Visualized Motion Tracker Positioning Systems

Rapid Backup Unit (RBU) functionality

Cloud Systems

Visualization in mobile/tablet devices

Coil Thread Insert Electric Installation Tool

TORQUE adjustable

SPEED control

EFFICEINT - maximum flexibility

Ergonomic handle

Various head attachments

User friendly and durable lifetime


HeliCoil Automation Assembly

Automatic Assembly Process Integration

Performance validation

Increase production uptime

Track and trace

Zero defect

Intuitive process control

Data Store with Cloud / Web / PC Server

Visualized Robotic Positioning and Smart Assembly

Object detection

Image comparison

HMI guidance and automatic sequence selection

Error proofing system

AI self-decision making

Visualized inspections

Collaborative Robotic Assembly

Augmented assistance

Scalable solution

External collision detection

CONNECT – automation peripherals

Mutliple processes and tasks

Easy configuration

Smart Riveting Assembly

Reduce CO2 emission with full electrify type

Hydraulic pneumatic stroke and force adjustable type

Programmable or adjustable stroke/force controlled for battery type

Embedded wireless data transmission and RFID scanner in 1 tool

CONNECT - controller and full data traceability

Available in automation convert

Quick change system

Curve rivet detection

Automatic Screwdriver Fixture Assembly

Vertical, horizontal or inverted operation

Single or multiple spindles

Wide head tooling selection

High stable platform


Automatic Feeder Assembly Line

Accelerate productivity, Low fatigue

Higher cycle times

Ideal for sensitive surface and coating of fasteners

Automatic refilling systems

Quick maintenance

Multi-Axis Screwing Robot Assembly Machine

Screw automatic conveying system

X-Y-Z movement platform and control system

Blow and shoot system to driver

High speed fastening with torque control

Micro precision stepping motor

Automatic alarm systems

User friendly


Are you producing WALL BOXES or CHARGING STATION ?

Are you producing wall boxes or charging stations? We know your specific requirements. Our offer for sustainable joints is precisely tailored to your products and requirements. High resistance joints for thin walled components or secure joining solutions that are able to endure extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Self Tapping Threaded Insert

  • For Stainless Steel and Aluminium Material
  • For Thermoplastic Material
  • For Wood Material

Keylocking Threaded Insert

  • Locking keys to hold in place
  • For metal applications
  • Not recommended for cast iron or brittle material

No-Tang® Wire Thread Inserts

  • Tangfree®/No-Tang®
  • Wire Thread Insert which is tangless and does not have to be broken off or removed after the installation.


Screwlocking Wire Thread Insert

  • Standard Type (With Tanged)
  • No-Tang Type (Tangless/Tangfree)
  • Serve as a locking device by gripping the threads of the installed screw

Brass Threaded Insert for Thermoplastic

  • Ultrasonic / Heat Staking Type
  • Press In Type
  • Self Tapping Type
  • Injection Molded In Type

Heli-Coil Wire Thread Insert Electrical Tool

  • Electronic Power Tool where electric power preferred over air. The slender configuration of the mandrels allows them to reach into constricted areas.
  • Automatic change-over of the direction.

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Semiconductor Structural Equipment

Power Control Component – HeliCoil

Aerospace Components

Aerospace Components 2

Aerospace Composites Drilling

Aircraft Body Drilling

Boeing 737 Max Wing Panel

Boeing 777 Panel

Control Panel Assembly

Dell Laptop Thread Reinforcement

External Louvres Assembly

HuaWei Thread Reinforcement

Rapid KL Bus Seats

Rolls Royce Turbine

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