HeliCoil Materials

304 Stainless Steel – 

Standard, general-purpose material

Ideal for original equipment applications, repair, and overhaul

Stocked in most sizes

Inconel X750 – 

Used in areas exposed to high temperatures

Typical uses: gas turbine engines, nuclear applications, well drilling


Phosphor Bronze

Ideal for salt water applications


Excellent electrical conductivity

Nitronic 60® – 

Superb gall resistance

Compatible with stainless steel screws

Ideal for use in vacuum environments

Requires no additional coatings or plating




Superior strength-to-weight ratio


Excellent low-temperature stability

HeliCoil Coatings & Platings

Dry Film Lubricant –

Provides additional lubrication in high-friction applications

High temperature resistance (400°F)

Highly recommended with Heli-Coil screw-locking inserts

Mildly corrosive

Material Spec: AS5272

Color: Gray

Primer Free® II – 

RoHS-compliant; contains no chromates

Eliminates need for zinc primers and epoxies

Provides uniform top-to-bottom coverage

Prevents galvanic corrosion between insert and parent material

Eliminates locking torque issues associated with primers

Improves installation productivity

Provides additional lubrication facilitating insert installation

Material Spec: None

Color: Matte Black

Cadmium – 

For military specification purposes only

Not recommended for new design due to its toxic nature

Cadmium Plating Material Spec: QQ-P-416 Type II

Color: Iridescent Yellow (free-running)

Color: Olive Drab (screw-locking)

Silver Plating – 

Recommended to reduce galling of threads at high temperatures

For use up to 1200°F

Highly recommended with inserts made from Inconel X750

Material Spec: QQ-S-365

Color: Silver White

Color Coding – 

Facilitates verification of insert installation

Allows for quick identification of similar-size inserts

Available in Blue, Green, Red, and Black