HELICOIL® thread inserts create high-strength, wear-resistant, heat-resistant thread of the highest precision by transferring the forces from flank to flank into the pilot thread. The reduced diameter of the HELICOIL® Plus in the first turn ensures that the thread insert can be installed like a screw.

Installing HELICOIL® thread inserts is easy and cost-effective, because there are only a few basic rules to follow. For efficient assembly, whether for a single application or for high-volume production, we provide a broad range of manual and automated installation tools.

The HELICOIL® system combines conformance to standards with easy installation.


Core Hole Drilling

You can use a standard twist drill.
Use a 90° cutter for countersinking and deburring before thread cutting. External diameter of the countersink = DHC + 0.1 mm.

HELICOIL® core hole drilling

Thread Cutting

You should use our system’s original HELICOIL® taps to cut the HELICOIL® Plus pilot thread. Use HELICOIL® plug gauges to verify that pilot thread is true-to-gauge.

HELICOIL® thread-cutting 

Thread Forming

Use a thread former to quickly and easily produce a chipless internal thread.

HELICOIL® thread forming 

Thread Installation

You can carry out the installation with a manual installation tool, an automatic installation tool or a fully automated solution.

HeliCoil®️ Thread insert for metals